Pixels And Pirates: The Oregon Trail Party Game

You and your friends are about to embark on a legendary journey across the great frontier. The Oregon Trail Party Game is a hootin’ good time for 2-8 pioneers. You and your kin will draw provisions in Independence, Missouri and head out west huntin’ var Find this game on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter Like […]

Pixels And Pirates: Camp Nightmare

All of the worst disasters of every camping trip come true, all at once. The players must work together to cope with bears, lightning, getting lost, and city slickers begging for handouts while trying to have as much fun as possible. Check out sky’s blog! Get the game on GameCrafter! Follow us on Twitter Like […]

Drawing Dead Is Much More Than Texas Hold’em

Today on Pixels and Pirates the gaming podcast, we spoke with John Fiorillo the creator of Drawing Dead. During the episode we talked about John being a pro MTG player and what that was like. We also talked about his experience in the gaming industry and what he had learned and how it helped with […]

Spider Wars

Today on the Pixels And Pirates Gaming Podcast we talked with the Spider Wars team. One of the things we talked about was how it is great to be able to connect with your community and players of your game. As an indie developer it’s great to know what your players want in your game. […]

Attention Span Games “Indie Tabletop Gaming”

Today On Pixels And Pirates Gameing Podcast I spoke with Will the owner of Attention Span Games. we talked about some of the games like replicants, Pocket RPG. Then we also talked about how to get into indie game development. Find them on Facebook. Check them out on Instagram! Follow them on Twitter! Visit their […]

I Hate My Job: Android Game

Today on the Pixels And Pirates Gaming Podcast I spoke with Gage Randall the director from I Hate My Job. We talk about the game and how to get envolved in mobile game development. Find it on Google play! Support Nadeau Media by visiting ´╗┐Amazon Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe to […]

Ghoulash the tabletop game

Today On the Pixels And Pirates Gaming Podcast we interviewed Mike and Joe about the game Ghoulosh that has been around since the 80’s! Find out how it turned from a pencil and paper game to this tabletop game. Find Ghoulash on Facebook Check them out on Instagram Follow them on Twitter Watch them on […]

Pixels & Pirates #001 “Introduction”

Get to know Jonathan Nadeau and what the Pixels and Pirates Gaming podcast is all about. Jonathan grew up playing his Atari 2600 and his NES. Although jonathan did play his Atari and NES his parents did get him a Commodore 64 and this put him on the path of getting very interested in computers. […]