Crowdfunding Cast #1001 “Rythmic Observations”

My name is Henry Raker, and I am raising money for my debut album!

I had been hearing a certain type of music in my mind for about two years, but in September of 2017, I realized it was a combination of three categories that the music world has far too few bridges between: the subjective categories of “noise”, “sound”, and “music”. I began to compose an album purposed with combining sounds that I enjoyed.

I had just purchased a portable audio-recorder, so I spent weeks walking around New York City, recording almost every sound I heard. I went out during storms to record rain hitting the river; I waited until after midnight during the week to get clear recordings of my footsteps on the streets; I once spent a whole night smacking piano strings. I tried everything I could to come up with every sound that I could imagine.

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Crowdfunding Cast #996 “Spreading Joy”

Hola, we’re “IndiviDúo” … an international singer/songwriter duet from Bogotá, Colombia and San Francisco, California and we’re back with a new Kickstarter project, calling once again on our amazing community to come together and help us produce new music.

Thanks to a lot of hard work, late nights, early mornings, long rehearsals and two successful kickstarter campaigns we have done amazing things over the past 5 years.

After our last campaign, we had our own weekly television segment on one of the most popular Colombian morning shows, and launched 5 singles off of our album each with their own music video and press tour. We then released our full length album “Sueño” with a national distribution deal in Colombia and to sold out crowds in both Bogota and California. Since then we have been touring independently sharing our music with people from Buenos Aires, to Venice to Stockholm.

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