Crowdfunding Cast #997 “Be Smart Be Warm

Made of highly insulated, warmth generating, durable poly fleece material, the Chill Killer provides exceptional insulation and wind blockage with an added feature that allows readily available warming patches to be inserted into pockets inside. The combination of high density fiber and the extra warmth generated by standard warming patches warm the blood to the […]

Crowdfunding Cast #991 “Indestructible Sheer Tights”

Disclaimer: While Sheerly Genius has been developed using ballistic grade fibers, the end product is not in itself bulletproof. These are for the boardroom, not the battlefield! Wearing sheers shouldn’t mean walking around with extra pairs, or clear nail polish. No one has time for that! After over a year of R&D, Sheerly Genius has […]

Crowdfunding Cast #984 “ledr the ToolRoll For Everyone”

We all carry our own unique collections of necessary tools: a charging cable, a favorite pen, a spoke wrench, solder, earphones, chapstick – the essential bits of our everyday lives. Together, they’re often too much to carry around in your pocket, but less then needing a bag or purse for …and simply too important to […]

Crowdfunding Cast #911 “Interchangeable leather Handbags”

Today I had on the creator of these new Interchangeable leather Handbags. Check it out on Kicstarter! Here is a summary of the campaign. We all need a different bag for different outfits. Change the flap or strap whenever you need in just few snaps*. (*: Patent pending) Support Nadeau Media by visiting ´╗┐Amazon Follow […]

Crowdfunding Cast #819 “Terracea: The Ultimate Three In One Jacket”

Today I talked with the designer of the Terracea: The Ultimate Three In One Jacket on the Crowdfunding Cast. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter! Here is a summary of the campaign. Terracea | The Ultimate 3-in-1 Jacket A full line of premium performance 3-in-1 jackets offering unmatched versatility without sacrificing on the fit or […]

Crowdfunding Cast #777 “Redeem Nation”

Today on the Crowdfunding Cast The Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast I spoke with the creator of Redeem Nation. Check it out on Kickstarter! Support Nadeau Media by visiting ´╗┐Amazon Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe to us on Itunes Subscribe to us on Stitcher Radio Subscribe to our RSS Feed

Crowdfunding Cast #775 “The Hanga”

Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast i spoke with Justin about Hanga. Check it out on Kickstarter! Here is a summary of the campaign. Hanga (Hong-uh) is an Ohio based startup company inventing revolutionary ways of organizing closet space. From boutiques to bedrooms, we’ve developed a simple-to-use, sleek and sustainable product […]