Pixels And Pirates Gaming Podcast

Welcome to Pixels and Pirates! The gaming podcast where you get the chance to know the minds behind your favorite games. This is a great opportunity for all gaming aficionados to know what happens behind the scenes, and have the first clue on what’s coming. Pixels and Pirates is the result of my nerdy side coupled with the desire to give voice to amazing minds and creative artists. If this sounds fun to you, please come along; amazing people and stories are waiting for you.

Celebrating The Eclectic Side Of Indie Table Top Gaming

The video gaming industry has been expanding for years, and the tendency will likely prevail for as long as technology continues to expand limits while giving life to increasingly visceral experiences. Unfortunately, the general public remains relatively oblivious to what happens outside the mainstream. Indie gaming is a creative and effervescent reality where some of the most original and unique creations can be found.

The Pixels and Pirates gaming podcast will bring attention to this and other relevant topics in the gaming industry. And because I like being eclectic, this gaming podcast will be touching on tabletop, roleplaying and mobile games too. What other gaming podcast tackles such a wide range of fields? There is great variety, challenge and topics of interest in the gaming industry. Granted, I’m using the “gaming industry” term in a much more encompassing sense here than the strictly digital connotation. In any case, I hope that you enjoy exploring all these worlds as much as I do.

And what better way to ensure that than interviewing the actors themselves? Independent game developers, talented designers, story tellers, graphic artists and many more creatives will be given the spotlight to voice their opinions and experiences in the gaming industry. We’ll talk about what pushed these professionals into what they do, the future of your favorite games and platforms, discuss many hot topics (except how to roleplay in bed), you name it!

There will always be something interesting to every gaming enthusiast out there, from the best creative output for the major consoles and mobile devices, to the amazingly counter-intuitive logic necessary behind coherent role-playing narratives. And you may even get a few tips on how to get into some of the highly competitive industries involved, who knows?

Claim your seat

On each episode, there will be a new story, a new insight, a new experience or challenge being shared with you and me. I’ll be directing the stage of events, and will be more than happy to have your company in Pixels and Pirates: the gaming podcast where haughty pirates tell you how to conquer the world with pixelized dopamine. Bring your friends, enemies and some lollipops. Have a seat. Your curiosity shall be my command.