Pixels & Pirates #001 “Introduction”

Get to know Jonathan Nadeau and what the Pixels and Pirates Gaming podcast is all about. Jonathan grew up playing his Atari 2600 and his NES. Although jonathan did play his Atari and NES his parents did get him a Commodore 64 and this put him on the path of getting very interested in computers. Jonathan didn’t stop there though he also ended up getting a Sega Genesis instead of the SNES. One of the last systems Jonathan bought when he had a paper route was the TurboGrafx-16 this was one of his favorite systems. The one system Jonathan wanted growing up was the NEo Geo but this was way to expensive with the system costing $500 and the games selling at $200 each The only way for Jonathan to play Neo Geo was in the arcade. This is just a little backround on Jonathan listen to the episodes and get to know him more!


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