Crowdfunding Cast #1054 “Sidekicks Anonymous”

Batman V The Joker. Superman v Lex Luthor. Some of the most compelling battles ever portrayed on screen or in the panels of our favorite comics. But what sort of formidable battles do our favorite Sidekicks fight everyday?

Sidekicks’ Anonymous dives right into the psychology of our favorite superhero sidekicks. How does Dick Grayson handle being the sidekick to a bat-obsessed billionaire? How does Aqualad deal with his dad being the nemesis of Aquaman? Does Jimmy Olsen walk Krypto for Kal-El?

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Crowdfunding Cast #1053 “Space Waves”

Space Waves is a feature length coming-of-age comedy film for those who like adventure, storytelling, romance, 80s nostalgia, and epic drive scenes. Marvin and Joey are propelled into podcast stardom after narrating their small-town shenanigans online. Aiming to make it to the #1 spot on iTunes by the end of the summer, their talent, priorities, and friendship will all be put to the test.

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Crowdfunding Cast #1053 “The last Of The Giants”

Despite China’s recent ban on ivory, black market demand for Rhino horn and Elephant tusk continues to flourish. Well-armed poaching cartels butcher thousands of these animals, perpetuating the wholesale slaughter of a species already teetering on extinction. Facing these incredibly challenging odds, small groups of locals have started fighting back. Park Rangers, environmental NGOs, and small town governments are picking up arms in defense of their sacred wildlife.

This is their story.

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Crowdfunding Cast #1052 “Barrelhouse Boys” – The Deltaz New Album”

The Deltaz have been our lives for as long as we can remember. Making music is not only our passion and career, its become our identity. For the last couple years gigging four nights a week and touring the country has become our way of life. We have learned so much as we’ve toured and recorded our last three albums DIY. All these experiences have culminated in our new album “Barrelhouse Boys!” Now, with your help, we can release this new album as soon as May 2018!

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Crowdfunding Cast #1051 “The Availables album”

I’m a cellist, singer and song-writer and I’m about to make my second album with a team of wonderful musicians. You can help make this record by checking out the many features we have to offer including a Special Edition signed copy of the record, a cello lesson with yours truly, a house concert, some cello on your music, and more perks to be announced as we go. You will also get all news, updates, videos and singles before they are released. The songs are written, now let’s get them recorded!

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Crowdfunding Cast #1049 “Qipet”

QiPet (Chee-Pet) is a new and innovative way to power your wireless charging enabled devices. It is compatible with all wireless charging standard mobile phones and devices. We need your help to move into wide-scale production to bring QiPets to the world.
(pronounced CHEE; from the Chinese word qi, “energy flow”) and (Pet, because we love them)

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Crowdfunding Cast #1047 “The Pen A Twisted Short Story about Reality”

A film about what happens when reality as you know it breaks down in front of your very eyes.
The film mixes real actors, animations and special effects, and spans over centuries.
“We all work for free; writer, director, actors etc. But we need more money for props, special effects, and paying some of the people that help us with that.”

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