Crowdfunding Cast #1064 “Harmany”

The mission of Harmany is to connect people in need with people who care. Harmany has developed a social and technological solution to the problem of the temporary housing crisis that occurs during major disruptive events – think hurricanes, wildfires, major airport closures, and the like. By using social media and mobile application technology, we have developed a unique way to provide a safer and more convenient alternative for people to find temporary housing due to unexpected circumstances.
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Crowdfunding Cast #1062 “Eleca”

We’re an international group of mobility enthusiasts based at the University of Technology Sydney. We’re building a two person three-wheeled electric vehicle. it’s possibly the most environmental and cost effective way to get around the city. Being electric, it quietly and effortlessly picks up speed so you’re never left behind at the lights. It has a minimum range of 90 kilometres. EleCa also benefits from low or no maintenance costs!

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Crowdfunding Cast #1056 “Betfield”

Instantly turn TV football into an exciting party game!

Place bets on goals, free kicks, substitutions and more, with the provided event cards, chips, and roulette-style board.

Watch the match and win chips along the way: At half time and full-time, a smartphone app scans the board and instantly reveals the winner …which of your friends is the real football genius?

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