Crowdfunding Cast #1095 “World’s First Mobile Rollable Smart Light Display”

Today I had on Phil and we talked about this awesome new display he islaunching check it out! Here it is on Indiegogo!

If you are interested in the latest display technology that can be used for smart lighting, mobile billboards or even building your own app on an entirely new medium you have come to the right place. Rollrr 1st edition is just the start of the revolution in large mobile display and lighting devices. Take your light show everywhere in your house plug it in and change the mood. With the DMX version you can program a show on the display to match your music in a mobile device that is easy to set up.

Crowdfunding Cast #1094 “Help A Homegrown Texttile Biz”

Today I spoke with Sue and we had a great time talking about her campaign! Check it out on Indiegogo!

Here is an overview

Tulusa is a home goods brand producing exceptional block printed and embroidered textiles. For the past two years I’ve been growing Tulusa at my studio, in Alexandria, VA, where I’ve been focusing on being a mom to our two boys while creating and perfecting treasured products for people to hand down over generations. Until now, my business has been 100% self-funded. I’m now at a tipping point, ready for major growth. With your help, I’m taking a exciting step forward.

Crowdfunding Cast #1093 “Team Supreme”

Meet Team Supreme©, a band of pint-sized superheroes with super-sized courage, character, and strength. Team Supreme originated from the desire to show special needs children that they are respected, wonderfully unique, and guardians of extraordinary super powers. This campaign exists to raise both funding and awareness. When our goal is met we will be able to complete a 2D, frame-by-frame animated short film that for the first time celebrates all children.Thank you for your support!!!

Check it out on Indiegogo!