Today I had on David and we talked about this awesome new version of Overlords Of Infamy! Checkit out on Kickstarter!

Here is a summary.

Congratulations, Evil Overlords! You’ve done an admirable job spreading misery to all corners of Planet Fred. The population trembles at your cruel domination and heroes flee the sound of your soul-crushing boots. Or your great, stomping claws. Or your adorable little white paws. 
But there’s one thing we know is true:
Misery Loves Company.
The desperate wails of Planet Fred’s people have not gone unheard. 
From deep in the bowels of a moderately active volcano, a Dragon has awakened to the suffering of the people. Huff, the Tragic Dragon, peers out through the intermittent smoke…
Greetings Overlords! Due to popular demand, I am excited to tell you that we are printing a 2nd Edition of Overlords of Infamy!