Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast i spoke with Jen about Yahooty! Check it out on Kickstarter!

here is a summary of the campaign.

Grandpa Walt was the one who first introduced me to Yahooty. Even though he passed on many years ago, we remember him by sharing the fun stories of Yahooty with our children.

“Yahooty Who?” IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES. Yahooty’s story brings a smile to the face of everyone who reads it. Whether you are a child who is hearing the story for the first time, or a parent, grandparent or teacher reading it over and over again to your little ones, Yahooty takes us all to our happy place of imagination and childhood fantasy.

“Yahooty Who?” is 100% CUTE & MISCHIEVOUS. Just like the children in your life, Yahooty has a mischievous cuteness that everyone falls in love with. From the way he “borrows” one of your socks, to the creative sock puppets he leaves behind for children, Yahooty finds his way into the hearts of all who read his story.

“Yahooty Who?” TEACHES KIDS TO BE SELFLESS AND HELPFUL. As you read the story of Yahooty, children come to learn that Yahooty does all that he does as a selfless act to bring happiness to the world. A great lead into the valuable lesson of helpfulness, acceptance, and understanding.

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