Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast. I spoke with Melissa about her band and upcoming album. Check it out on Kickstarter!

Here is a summary of the campaign.

We are a Boston-based alternative rock band recording our debut album, featuring 10 songs about connection, emotion, and mental health.
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We are Miele, a five piece alternative rock band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Our current full lineup features vocalist and keyboardist Melissa Nilles, bassist and backup vocalist Cedric Lamour, guitarist Joe Spilsbury, guitarist Vishal Vaswani, and drummer Ray Cohen. After releasing our EP Seed Crystal last fall, we are putting out our first full-length studio album and need your help to bring it to life. This is an album lyrically rich enough to be a psych nerd’s dream but musically accessible enough for mainstream audiences through the beauty of striking instrumental melodies and ethereal, raw and powerful vocals. We are a band of musicians who all also work in either mental health or special education; our work reflects related themes of human connection and disconnection, drugs and medicine, psychology and self-reflection, creativity and the unconscious, and the beautiful and painful realities of love. The album will consist of ten finished songs that have become mainstays of our live performances over the last few years in the Boston and NYC area. If you’d like to learn more about us and our history, keep reading- our singer and keyboardist Melissa will detail more of our story later on.

A successfully funded Kickstarter project will allow us to record these 10 songs at a professional recording studio of our choice, New Alliance in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We have already set up initial tracking dates with them and hope to ambitiously pursue our Kickstarter goals so we can fund these realities. Kickstarter funding will also allow us to mix and master the album professionally, manufacture CDs of our album for wider distribution, create a digital profile for our album on iTunes and Spotify for online distribution, pay an outside artist and/or photographer fairly for creative work they produce for our album cover and inner CD jackets (we have a few past collaborators in mind), and collaborate with a promoter to distribute/promote our album.

Our album explores themes of the ineffable, trying to catch the feeling and sound of different complicated emotions and captured moments, to create a sonic landscape that explores perception and human experience.

We plan to feature the following songs on the album:

Echo: “Echo” focuses on both the sweetness and the brief obsessive quality present in a newly budding relationship, represented by a synchronous shift in the structural dynamics of the song—from soft, sweet, mellifluous vocal, guitar and piano work in the verses, to faster, heavier, jarring, distorted, noisy guitar and drum rhythms in the chorus.

Anxious Ghost: A reflection on episodic, existential, and intergenerational anxiety, “Anxious Ghost” asks the questions we face at times of graduation, job searching, or deciding to do something you don’t know how to do, and answers, “all you can do is chose and follow through.” The song features pop-punk inspired verses, a sonically ironic chorus, and a soft yet upbeat indie rock outro featuring bass and tambourine.

Klonopin Automatons: The first song written by guitarist Joe Spilsbury and vocalist Melissa Nilles, is also maybe the most bizarre and complex of all our songs, with a variety of different sections, and many different sounds, grooves, dark spots, explosions, punk syncopations, and crescendos climaxing and falling. “Klonopin Automatons” focuses on uncomfortable feelings of dissociation and a society where we think the only cure to our problems is medication.

Unfiltered: A dark psychedelic rock song that reflects on the burning of a cigarette as a metaphor for life and death, featuring guitarist Vishal Vaswani with both intricate and spacey guitar leads.

Walking Away: A mysterious piano ballad with a fast Spanish twist in the middle that reflects on the webs of connection and disconnection we create, especially while traveling. Check out an earlier recording here.

Night Sky: Themes of gratitude, universal connectedness, and teenage potential propel punk/ska inspired verses and an anthemic outro with cascading melodies and vocalist Melissa’s apropos refrain: “How lucky are we / To see the sky”. Check out an earlier recording here.

Slip Away: A dark and dreamy modal tune with lyrics written in the first moment of awakening, exploring themes of the unconscious, dreaming and internal struggles.

Only Eyes: Written by guitarist Vishal Vaswani, with bouncy guitar riffs contrasted by acidic lyrics that ponder our paralysis in perception.

Love Disease: A slow and groovy track featuring multiple harmonica solos, as well as vocals that focus on themes of creativity, procrastination, and the mind.

Secret Dream: An enigmatic and symphonic finish to the album, “Secret Dream” takes the listener on a journey through a sea of shifting bass, drum and guitar textures as it tells the tale of a chance meeting in Venice.

OUR STORY (as written by lyricist/vocalist/keyboardist Melissa Nilles)

Our story starts the way many other music stories might begin; with a girl, a guy, a guitar, a voice, and a basement. Joe and I met during the orientation for our graduate program in Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University in Fall of 2013. After figuring out we were going to be living in the same building and we both liked Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” and shared a wide range of musical influence ranging from 1960s/70s classic rock to 90s alternative we decided to write music together. One thing led to another and we formed a band.

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