Today on the Crowdfunding Cast the Kickstarter and Indiegogo podcast. I spoke with Jody about his new screenplay. Check it out on Kickstarter!

Here is a summary of the campaign.

I’m a finalist in the Catalina Film Festival. Hoping to network and potentially sell my award winning screenplay, SUPRISE DIVORCE.
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It’s my belief that stay at home fathers are underrepresented in current film and television. So I decided to do something about it and wrote a feature length screenplay called SURPRISE DIVORCE.

I’m raising funds to attend the Catalina Film Festival, September 27-October 1st. It’s the ideal opportunity to network with industry executives and hopefully connect with and sell my screenplay. Festival attendance and networking are the next necessary steps to successfully sell this screenplay.

Several years ago I was complaining to my late father that I was not able to attend a Festival for Acting. My dad recommended raising funds on Kickstarter, and I poo poo’d it. He believed I had plenty of friends who would help when and where I need it. So I’m finally taking his sage advice and reaching out.

Surprise Divorce is a story of a stay at home father/husband (Kevin) caught off guard by his wife’s (Anne) desire to end their lengthy marriage. Kevin is forced to confront divorce from the perspective of a traditional “housewife”. Having no job or preparation to step into “the real world” the screenplay follows him as he gets back on his feet, works through his pain and comes out the other side. Using therapy, laughter, and tears he makes his way through the modern world’s new sexual politics. Politics that still view a stay at home father’s work as not a real job. Surprise Divorce examines love, family, and divorce in a modern world that is slow to adapt to its new realities.

Surprise Divorce has been quite successful on the festival circuit. To date this is a listing of the screenplay’s accomplishments:


Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival- Best Dramatic Screenplay 2017
Chandler International Film Festival- Best Dramatic Screenplay December 2016
American Movie Awards- Bronze Award 2017
International Independent Film Awards- Platinum Winner Feature Scripts 2017
Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival- Honorable Mention 2017
Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition- Feature Screenplay: Drama Runner-Up 2017

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