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Here is a summery of this campaign.

Pilot episode of an educational docuseries about travelling and exploring nature. What’s that rock? What species are in this ecosystem?

It’s more than just a documentary series

This campaign is for the pilot episode of an educational docuseries about travelling, learning, exploring, respecting and preserving nature. This is phase 2. Phase 1 of the project is a blog, that will keep running, with information that is free, forever. New partners will be introduced, who will provide interesting scientific information in words that everyone can understand and anyone can ask questions about something they’ve seen but don’t know much about, or simply a subject they are curious about but never had the chance to ask an expert. This will also help shape the content of each episode. You can have a say on what you would like us to explore and explain. Scientific literacy is good for you, and can help preserve nature.

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