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Don’t want to wait in line anymore? No problem… LinExpress will show the waiting time!

Do you hate to wait in place’s Lines?

Would you like to get Real Time Updates from Lines at all the places that you want to go?

LinExpress is a new app that will help people to save their time, so they can do more.

LinExpress helps you to know how much time do you have to wait in a line without being there, so if you need to go to a different place you will be able to choose the order you want to go to those places according to the waiting time in that line.

This app works with the mobile phone’s location for tracking where the Liner who is reporting is and creating a report in that place for allowing others to see it and distinguish wether if is a moderate Line, medium Line or a maxim Line.

Also, you will be able to receive Rewards by competing in our World and National Ranking System.

LinExpress functions are easy and really helpful, you will use it for:

Knowing from everywhere how long is a line in a store, restaurant, fast food restaurant, bar, club, park, museum, cinema, supermarket and as many public places as you can imagine. .Confirm other people’s reports about other different commercial establishments.
Compete in the national and world ranking getting points by reporting, confirming and getting inside the app every day. .Get different icons according to the points that you have.

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