Backstage: The Indie Musician Podcast

backstage! The indie musician podcast where you can hear what your favorite indie musicians and bands have to say to their fans and the world. Backstage is the product of my love for indie music and the desire to share my longing for interview artists before an audience. There’s nothing like sharing experiences over common interests, and if there’s something that lacks in this world, it’s hearing the wisdom of the real people behind the artistic personas whose works we all crave.

What to expect from Backstage?

Backstage is an indie musician podcast where you’re given first hand access to interesting interviews with promising and reputable indie musicians. Some of which you may know and some of which you will love to know. In Backstage, you can hear your favorite artists talk about their craft, what inspires them, the life experiences and musical influences that carved their artistic paradigms and worldviews, dates and location of their upcoming tours, and much more. There’s nothing like knowing a little more about the mysterious persona that carves your favorite music. The fact that they’re real people like you and me makes it all the more interesting!

Backstage is dedicated to all indie music lovers who, like me, can’t live a day without cuddling their ears with some beauty, but also to all musicophiles who love to expand and explore their musical horizons. And since I’m a pretty benevolent and tolerant guy, haters are welcome too. Everyone is welcome to peruse my indie musician podcast and I hope that you enjoy the interviews as much as I do.

My commitment

As the interviewer, I’m absolutely aware of my responsibility towards the interviewed and the audience. Bringing a greater public consciousness towards these artists requires my best effort into preserving the spirit and conduct of the interviews in light of the greater interest of the audience. This is something that I’m entirely committed to do. Naturally, this podcast can’t succeed without you, and I deeply appreciate all the time and attention you invest in my podcast. Indie artists long to be heard by their fans just as much as their fans long to hear them, so a dedicated audience is guaranteed to be highly rewarded.

With Backstage, I strive to preserve an open-minded atmosphere to compel freedom of speech and thought. So stay tuned to hear your favorite indie artists say it like it is in my thought-provoking interviews.