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The Dirty Earth launch themselves into the
stratosphere with the release of ‘Aurora’.

The Dirty Earth’s appeal has stretched beyond their ability
to put together rockin’ songs, reaching audiences far and
wide that are rediscovering their love of classic rock music
but looking for an original band that can deliver retro
vintage blues rock with a modern twist. This band are the
real deal, seasoned muso’s who have been around the
block, with their best yet to come.

Aurora is set to take to you to a special place and the journey is amazing; the most soulful ride you’re gonna have in a while. Consisting of 10 songs, Aurora is a uniquely diverse selection of solid heavy blues rock performed by a band that knows how to write a song and what they have produced is mind blowingly good. Aurora has a little something for everyone, with a sound that can’t be pinned down: paying homage to the masters of days gone by, but delivered in a manner that provides a modern twist on a classic sound.

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