Nadeau Media is a podcast network started and ran by Jonathan Nadeau. Jonathan is a blind tech Enthusiast who created and is the project manager of a Linux operating system focused on people with disabilities called Sonar. Jonathan was also a Free softtware advocate and interned at the FSF for a summer. Although Jonathan wasn’t born blind he lost his sight in a car accident and before that was an avid gamer and has been known to still play from time to time as you’ll see in this video. After his car accident Jonathan started playing guitar and has been in many bands since. Here is one song and here is another. This is why you’ll find some podcasts around the music industry on the network. One of those podcast is Backstage where Jonathan interviews indie musicians to help promote their music.

I grew up playing video games. My earliest memory of video games was getting the Atari 2600 for Christmas. I then was given a Commodore 64 for my birthday when I was in the 4th grade. From there I played the Sega Master System, Genesis, nes, snes TurboGrafx-16, neo geo and lets not forget spending lots of time in a arcade. I am a long time podcaster I have been podcasting since 2009. I was podcasting in the technology relm doing interviews with industry leaders in the open source world. I also hosted a podcast call droid nation. The topic of every episode was how to root and rom your android phone. Current games playing madden, street fighter, mortal kombat x and killer instinct. You will also find a podcast on the network called Pixels and Pirates where Jonathan interviews indie video game and tabletop developers.