Crowdfunding Cast #1056 “Betfield”

Instantly turn TV football into an exciting party game! Place bets on goals, free kicks, substitutions and more, with the provided event cards, chips, and roulette-style board. Watch the match and win chips along the way: At half time and full-time, a smartphone app scans the board and instantly reveals the winner …which of your […]

Crowdfunding Cast #1053 “Space Waves”

Space Waves is a feature length coming-of-age comedy film for those who like adventure, storytelling, romance, 80s nostalgia, and epic drive scenes. Marvin and Joey are propelled into podcast stardom after narrating their small-town shenanigans online. Aiming to make it to the #1 spot on iTunes by the end of the summer, their talent, priorities, […]

Crowdfunding Cast #1053 “The last Of The Giants”

Despite China’s recent ban on ivory, black market demand for Rhino horn and Elephant tusk continues to flourish. Well-armed poaching cartels butcher thousands of these animals, perpetuating the wholesale slaughter of a species already teetering on extinction. Facing these incredibly challenging odds, small groups of locals have started fighting back. Park Rangers, environmental NGOs, and […]

Crowdfunding Cast #1049 “Qipet”

QiPet (Chee-Pet) is a new and innovative way to power your wireless charging enabled devices. It is compatible with all wireless charging standard mobile phones and devices. We need your help to move into wide-scale production to bring QiPets to the world. (pronounced CHEE; from the Chinese word qi, “energy flow”) and (Pet, because we […]