Crowdfunding Cast #965 “Tinted : On-Demand Paint Color”

Today I had on one of the creators of the new app Tinted : On-Demand Paint Color. Check it out on Indiegogo!

Here is a summary.

We provide instant, high quality designer color advice through an on-demand app and ship a customized color package of dry paint samples to your home so you can view the colors in the space you plan to paint. We help save you the time, money, hassle associated with hiring an interior designer or painting samples on your wall.

Crowdfunding Cast #964 “Skinny Is Green”

Today i had on one of the members of Skinny Is Green. Check out the campaign on Indiegogo!

Here is a summary of the campaign.

Rav and Punit who both came as immigrants to United States share a common goal.
They both were born and raised in a Nepal, a small land locked country between India and China (Yup !!The first time these guys saw the Ocean was here in USA) and together they write tunes that permeates through any nationality, culture or religion.

Crowdfunding Cast #963 “# Wonderful movie project”

Today i had on the creator of the short film Wonderful. Check it out on Indiegogo!

Here is a summary.

A feature film with a unique take on Boston, the 1950s, the mafia, and Jazz produced by GFD Productions LLC.

Jazz crooner Miles is a complete mystery to his audience with a dark past that bring people near and far to this hip jazz club. Someone wants to exploit Miles while a detective, like the audience, is trying to put all the pieces together that lead to an interesting climax.

Original music written by Dorsey Minns & John Varkados