Crowdfunding Cast #997 “Be Smart Be Warm

Made of highly insulated, warmth generating, durable poly fleece material, the
Chill Killer
provides exceptional insulation and wind blockage with an added feature that allows readily available warming patches to be inserted into pockets inside. The combination of high density fiber and the extra warmth generated by standard warming patches warm the blood to the brain and the brain then allows more blood flow into the extremities, warming the hands and feet..

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Crowdfunding Cast #995 “Rocsie”

Limited Edition, Designed and handcrafted in Barcelona, this unique electric motorbike was inspired from the classic ’50s motorcycle “Cafe Racers”. Its elegant design is based in the use of timeless materials: wood, leather and metal, that makes the ROCSIE a state of the art e-Motorbike.

ROCSIE is committed to the return of local handcrafted manufactures in every region (US, Australia and Spain) where the ROCSIE e-Motorbike will be assembled and delivered.
Prototype Stage

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Crowdfunding Cast #984 “ledr the ToolRoll For Everyone”

We all carry our own unique collections of necessary tools: a charging cable, a favorite pen, a spoke wrench, solder, earphones, chapstick – the essential bits of our everyday lives. Together, they’re often too much to carry around in your pocket, but less then needing a bag or purse for …and simply too important to leave behind.

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