Crowdfunding Cast #1096 “Big Fat Lie”

Today I spoke with Jenifer about her new documentary Big Fat Lie. Check it out on Indiegogo! Here is a summary. How did America’s plan for eating right get it so wrong? Functional Medical Doctor, Mark Hyman and Film Director, Jennifer Isenhart hope you’ll join our team and help tell the story of the BIG […]

Crowdfunding Cast #1095 “World’s First Mobile Rollable Smart Light Display”

Today I had on Phil and we talked about this awesome new display he islaunching check it out! Here it is on Indiegogo! If you are interested in the latest display technology that can be used for smart lighting, mobile billboards or even building your own app on an entirely new medium you have come […]

Crowdfunding Cast #1094 “Help A Homegrown Texttile Biz”

Today I spoke with Sue and we had a great time talking about her campaign! Check it out on Indiegogo! Here is an overview Tulusa is a home goods brand producing exceptional block printed and embroidered textiles. For the past two years I’ve been growing Tulusa at my studio, in Alexandria, VA, where I’ve been […]

Crowdfunding Cast #997 “Be Smart Be Warm

Made of highly insulated, warmth generating, durable poly fleece material, the Chill Killer provides exceptional insulation and wind blockage with an added feature that allows readily available warming patches to be inserted into pockets inside. The combination of high density fiber and the extra warmth generated by standard warming patches warm the blood to the […]

Crowdfunding Cast #982 “Death On Sunday”

Check out this campaign on Indiegogo! Shot on location in Atlanta, “Death on Sunday” tells the story of a film enthusiast’s excessive desire to rekindled a lost relationship and his dark journey to painful self-realization. Inspired by works that range from John Hughes to Japanese Surrealism, Death on Sunday addresses issues of identity, materialism, self-awareness, […]