Crowdfunding Cast #984 “ledr the ToolRoll For Everyone”

We all carry our own unique collections of necessary tools: a charging cable, a favorite pen, a spoke wrench, solder, earphones, chapstick – the essential bits of our everyday lives. Together, they’re often too much to carry around in your pocket, but less then needing a bag or purse for …and simply too important to leave behind.

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Crowdfunding Cast #985 Animo”

Animo: Living Deck Bible Verse Game’ is a character and bible verse themed card game designed to be used in a variety of ways. Similar to popular trading card games, each card features a specific creature with unique abilities. The difference with Animo, is that these abilities take the form of either a virtue (such as compassion, generosity, patience, etc), or a negative behavior (selfishness, greed, jealousy, disobedience, etc). Each character is also equipped with a Bible verse to help the child ‘put on’ that virtue, or defeat the sin!

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Crowdfunding Cast #982 “Death On Sunday”

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Shot on location in Atlanta, “Death on Sunday” tells the story of a film enthusiast’s excessive desire to rekindled a lost relationship and his dark journey to painful self-realization. Inspired by works that range from John Hughes to Japanese Surrealism, Death on Sunday addresses issues of identity, materialism, self-awareness, and isolation.