Crowdfunding Cast #953 “The Lost Weekend”

Today i had on the creators of a new series The Lost Weekend. Check it out on Indiegogo!

Here is a summary.

The Lost Weekend, originally created as a short form web series, is now being developed into a full 30 minute TV pilot that we can pitch to TV networks. Your contributions will go towards catering for the cast/crew, production design, props, insurance, equipment rental, wardrobe and much more.

Crowdfunding Cast #950 “Contingency Plan”

Today i had on the creator of the Contingency Plan. You have to check this out on Indiegogo!

Here is a summary.

As an uncontrollable virus ravages the planet, an elite crew of astronauts are sent hurtling into space on a desperate mission when they are violently thrown off course.
We are currently looking for a distribution partner and to make our dream a reality, we are working on a strong pitch and impressive support material which is outlined in detail below!

Crowdfunding Cast #947 “Children of the Apocalypse”

Today I talked with Scott from the Children of the Apocalypse setting for the Savage World RPG. Check it out on Kickstarter! Here is a summary.

Children of the Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic epic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds, including a full Plot Point campaign.

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