Crowdfunding Cast #858 “Wraptie”

Today on the Crowdfunding Cast we talked about Wraptie. Check it out on Indiegogo! Here is a summary of the campaign. We designed the WRAPTIE™ tie down strap to be multi-functional and fast. In fact, WRAPTIE™ is the worlds smartest tie-down strap. Available in 130cm, 180cm and 240cm lengths, WRAPTIE™ can also be doubled in […]

Crowdfunding Cast #855 “Stripped Away”

Today I spoke with the creators of the short film Stripped Away. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter! Summary of the campaign. We are 3 young filmmakers who are producing a short pro-life film with stunning cinematography and a thought-provoking message! Support Nadeau Media by visiting Amazon Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook […]